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About Us Parag L. Amin

Parag L. Amin earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Southern California's Gould School of Law after receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park. During both his undergraduate studies and law school, Mr. Amin actively participated in community service activities and made a concerted effort to obtain practical business and legal experience. Mr. Amin applies the same practical approach to his law practice.

Many individuals and small business owners have a difficult time finding a law firm that meets their unique legal needs. Far too many attorneys take a universal approach to legal issues instead of taking the time to fully understand what each individual client requires. Mr. Amin aims to change that practice by offering personalized services that take into account the variety of legal issues that individuals and small business owners face. He specializes in providing solutions for legal issues by assessing the needs and goals of each client, as opposed to offering the generic legal counsel given by many attorneys.

Value is created by understanding and fulfilling the needs of others, which is why Mr. Amin carefully listens to his clients' concerns before making legal recommendations or taking a course of action. During his legal career, Mr. Amin has advised numerous individuals, corporations, LLCs, and non-profits. His real-world business experience gives him a unique understanding of the issues that individuals and small businesses face.

In addition to his legal qualifications, Mr. Amin has worked in a variety of industries, including project management consulting, real estate, and financial advising, which has given him an impressive skill set that many attorneys do not possess. Prior to joining the California State Bar, Mr. Amin acted as a project management consultant for Veterans' Affairs in Washington, D.C. While working in this position, his input was instrumental in increasing productivity by 10% and reducing annual costs at Veterans' Affairs by more than $500,000. Mr. Amin applies the same mentality to his legal practice -- he focuses on assisting his clients in meeting their goals, while also helping them save money by recommending a legal strategy that is based on efficiency instead of one that maximizes billable hours.

Unlike many other attorneys, Mr. Amin understands and embraces working with numbers and complex financial formulas. While working for a publicly traded real estate investment trust, he gained valuable experience by creating complex financial formulas that were utilized by the company. Prior to holding this position, Mr. Amin worked as an intern at Morgan Stanley, where he was responsible for informing clients about a number of financial services and strategies. His experience in the financial sector allows him to provide his clients with legal advice based on first-hand knowledge that can only be obtained by working in a financial field.

Please contact us today for a legal consultation. We will carefully assess the details of your situation before recommending a personalized legal course of action to meet your needs.